Who Are We

So you’ve discovered Review Lads. Welcome.

What’s Review Lads?

We’re a group of friends that banded together to write and submit music reviews for a shared blog. Review Lads – “lads” here being gender neutral – acts as a repository for our thoughts, feelings, opinions on music. On occasion, we will also share commentary and editorials on things related to music that interests us.

Who exactly are the lads?

You can find a bio page for each of us in the menu, which may provide some brief description on who we are… maybe. We all have a history of being reviewers on other sites, and while our writing skills vary, we’re committed to the craft.

What type of music is reviewed?

Everything and anything! While our background is mostly with heavy metal music, we don’t exclusively listen to just heavy metal and in fact some of us probably prefer other genres at this point in our lives. There’s a couple lads that’ll focus primarily on heavy metal, or even some specific heavy metal genres, while most will cover music of all types.

I disagree with a review. You’re wrong and should feel bad!


Can I comment on a review or article?

Yeah, sure. Most reviews and articles are open for comments. Comments have to be approved before they appear publicly; anything that’s spam or racist/sexist/etc. won’t be approved. Don’t care if you’re mad about it.

So, uh, where can I get the music you review? Got any downloads?

We recommend checking out the band’s official page, and in lieu of that and if it’s metal, checking out Metal Archives and the links you can find through there. Albums typically can be found through services like Bandcamp or Spotify. Otherwise, we suppose there’s Discogs? In any case, you won’t find any downloads for the music here.

Anything else?

Uh, I guess there’s a privacy policy just in case that’s something that interests you. Most sites now have one because of changing government rules on user privacy. I suppose there’s room for a quick disclaimer, too. Just because we review something does not mean we or the site endorses it. Each review is the opinion of its author and the author alone.

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