Who is BH?

I’m some asshole who has been reviewing for far too long at this point. I can trace my roots back as far as 2005 on a long-defunct site, with a few scattered across the Metal Archives from 06 and 07, but I didn’t start taking it seriously and start doing it prolifically until early 2008. I published my nonsense there, had a brief stint at Metal Crypt in 09 that didn’t last very long because I was a dumb teenager, and from 2011 onwards I’ve been also running my own blog, Lair of the Bastard. That’s where you’ll find basically every stupid thing I’ve ever written alongside what I bother to transfer over to MA (along with many blog exclusive features like big Top 50 lists, annual year-end awards, and structureless essays like my ragepost about how much I hate Jari Maenpaa). I’m exceptionally lazy and won’t be moving much of anything over from there to here since I’m still writing fairly regularly, so if you somehow came to Review Lads without knowing about any of us already, this is where you should go to find my backlog. Anything written from this point forwards will appear here as well.

Favorite genre:

Whatever you hate the most.

Least favorite genre:

Fuck jazz.

Hottest take:

Shemp is every bit as good as Curly.

Favorite beer:

I don’t really drink beer because I’m a sissy who prefers his beverages to not be bitter. Best cider is Blake’s El Chavo.

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